Doing well on an exam involves preparation, which means developing a schedule so that you can study material over time rather than the night before an exam. Make a study plan!

Your study schedule should not just be about studying! Build in time to take a break, eat, sleep, socialize, and work on other course materials. Giving yourself planned breaks will make your study time more effective.

Turn off and remove distractions so that you can focus. Humans can’t multi-task. Don’t get sucked into social media that may feel urgent but really isn’t.

Review material as soon as after lecture as possible. Remember, review and revise to convert your understanding to learning.

Switch it up. Don’t work on one course for more than an hour or two at a time. Our ability to concentrate decreases rapidly after about 90 minutes

Find and use “hidden time” for studying. It’s easy to waste scattered 1-2 hour free periods between classes. Use those little blocks to summarize and start homework from your previous class or prepare for your next class.