Learning path that tells not only what but also how to learn

Having the time and resources to teach students how to learn is arguably teachers’ greatest classroom challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. MentoMind enables teachers to scale their teaching through the virtual AI companions that motivates students to use learning strategies that work best for them

Embrace learner variability with the help of skill and progress tracking

Hi Joe, Good Morning! How are you feeling today?
I am a bit nervous 🙁
It is ok, it happens. Here’s a short video to help you boost your confidence.
Laugh out loud for that 20 seconds of insane courage
This is super helpful !

A friend in need!

From Crisis Management to giving students the tools to self-regulate and thrive.

From supporting a select few to guiding every student

From resource deprived to resourcing based on student needs

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Most learning systems are designed for students to come to them and learn. But most students are not self-learners. They need regular motivation to follow a path to ultimately reach subject mastery. They need continuous guidance and support to keep making progress.
MentoMind combines academic learning with personalized motivation, via use of technology and human expertise, to set and meet learning goals resulting into student developing a positive mindset that lasts their lifetime.

MentoMind is currently supporting high school students on their path to higher education or career.

MentoMind maintains a unique behavioral profile of each student via the power of data analytics, student interaction with the chatbot and the results of the nudge sent to them. It then uses AI to identify at a particular moment what nudge would be most effective to motivate the student to make progress.

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