September 28, 2023

We’re thrilled to share a significant milestone in our journey – securing $1.5M in seed funding.

From our inception during the Covid era, we envisioned a future where learning is equitable, tailored, engaging, and student-owned. This vision was propelled by an intricate blend of AI, cutting-edge digital technology, and the invaluable expertise of educators. Three years and tens of thousands of students later, our conviction only deepens.

Today, with immense pride, we reveal our latest seed funding of US $1.5M, led by angel investor Kirtan Patel from Bimsym eBusiness Solutions – a major player in tech solutions for the insurance sector. Apart from joining our board, Kirtan will infuse our journey with his vast knowledge in digital marketing and user engagement.

While funding is a means, not an end, it equips us to materialize our mission: universalizing learning. We’re fueled with enthusiasm to expand our reach and impact, ensuring every student benefits.

Our investments will amplify our AI companion chatbot framework – a tool empowering students to master the art of learning and maintain focus. Moreover, we’ll be narrating our story to all stakeholders, collaborating with tutors, test prep institutions, content creators, and particularly enhancing our Digital SAT offerings. Additionally, we’ll forge alliances with schools to craft solutions that revolutionize their educational delivery.

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