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Differentiate your practice using cutting edge technology and learning science. Project your brand via your curated content and teaching philosophy delivered in a freemium app model.

Know Your Students

Student personality and motivations evolve, know your students well and add asynchronous support to your offering.

Hey Joe, just a reminder, you need to complete the following tasks today.

-Prepare explainer video for chapter 5 of Science

-Review class notes (American history)
-Watch lecture recording (Algebra)
-Practice sample questions (Geometry)

Will do 👍

Your current students want more of you. And more students want access to you.

You need MentoMind to

Make more of you

Every teacher can have a more distributed, more autonomous learning delivery fabric that feel and act human, under their brand. It is a tremendous opportunity.

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Most learning systems are designed for students to come to them and learn. But most students are not self-learners. They need regular motivation to follow a path to ultimately reach subject mastery. They need continuous guidance and support to keep making progress.
MentoMind combines academic learning with personalized motivation, via use of technology and human expertise, to set and meet learning goals resulting into student developing a positive mindset that lasts their lifetime.

MentoMind is currently supporting high school students on their path to higher education or career.

MentoMind maintains a unique behavioral profile of each student via the power of data analytics, student interaction with the chatbot and the results of the nudge sent to them. It then uses AI to identify at a particular moment what nudge would be most effective to motivate the student to make progress.

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