October 11, 2022

Why students need a “nudge”

Why a “nudge”? (That sounds kinda negative)

A behavioral nudge is a well-known theory in behavioral economics that helps people make better choices when they would otherwise continue routine behaviors. Simply put, sometimes people need to be nudged to complete a task, plan, or change their default behavior. For example:

Where am I on my study plan?
How am I feeling today about my progress?
I should study for that test early?

Most times, planning & timing are key to these questions and actions. And this is where nudging, or motivating, is key to success.

MentoMind has an app that can help students and educators get better outcomes through ‘nudging’. It’s like TikTok, or Snapchat for helping students engage and learn through conversation.

Here’s a great example of MentoMind in action:

MentoMind motivates students to take action, via conversational messages that are empathetic, interactive, contextual, timely, and personalized to match student personalities, interests, and cultures for better results. The students respond to a nudge by committing to, taking action, or asking questions that get answered by the chatbot or a support team member. Student support teams can view and respond to a summarized list of questions to prioritize and respond accordingly. MentoMind is working with private tutors, charter schools, and private education institutions to build actionable student insights for teachers, parents and school administrators.

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