Focus on completing your today’s goals

Most people think hard work is the key to accomplishing huge goals, but APJ Abdul Kalam would disagree. When Kalam, India’s top scientist, ex-president and a beloved role model, used to consider the reason for his success, he credited one word: consistency.

Early on in his career, Kalam started writing down at least one goal per day. He hung a giant calendar on the wall, and every time he finished his daily goal, he drew a big red X over the day. Over time, the string of Xs formed a long chain. Kalam used to say the draw of money and fame didn’t motivate him. The real motivator was to not break the chain.

This daily goal routine is a perfect example of a habit goal. Habit goals keep you focused on small tasks that can be completed each day.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Get clear and very specific on your goal. E.g. complete all tasks on your study plan OR learn a new Physics concept everyday. Keep it easy.
  2. Identify the right behavior. E.g. Watch a video and practice for 30 minutes. Don’t make it too difficult.
  3. Track your progress. E.g. mark in your study plan the completion status
  4. Identify an accountability partner (Most likely your mentor or friend) and tell him/her whether you completed or couldn’t complete that goal.