How do large language models power Mento?

Large Language Models (LLMs) are a type of artificial intelligence that can process and generate human language. A LLM is trained on massive amounts of text data, which it uses to learn the patterns and structures of language. The more data it is trained on, the better it becomes at understanding and generating language. Once […]

You vs. you

To achieve excellence and reach your potential, you need to keep getting better than yourself every moment Ways to make small progress everyday

Make small progress

Focus on completing your today’s goals Most people think hard work is the key to accomplishing huge goals, but APJ Abdul Kalam would disagree. When Kalam, India’s top scientist, ex-president and a beloved role model, used to consider the reason for his success, he credited one word: consistency. Early on in his career, Kalam started […]

Making a study plan

Doing well on an exam involves preparation, which means developing a schedule so that you can study material over time rather than the night before an exam. Make a study plan! Your study schedule should not just be about studying! Build in time to take a break, eat, sleep, socialize, and work on other course materials. Giving […]

How to manage stress

Stress is a natural occurrence—it happens to all of us. While learning new things is always exciting, when you’re doing a course you have the pressure of needing to get a certain marks to pass. This means that studying and doing assignments can be stressful. Here are a few tips to manage stress. 1. Work […]